Schumer Asks Incredulous Schieffer: Hey, GOP, Where Are The Jobs?

(h/t Karoli)

It's rare on the Sunday shows to give a Democrat uninterrupted air time and even rarer still the chance to respond to a Republican's segment on earlier. Watch the shows, most of the time Democrats appear with a Republican at his/her side and almost never given the last word. Which is why Chuck Schumer appearing after Mitch McConnell to refute all the same tired talking points is such a novel experience.

Schumer says EXACTLY what every Democrat should say the minute a camera is pointed in their direction: "Hey GOP, where are the jobs???" In the five months of the Republican majority, we've had nary a single jobs bill, but bills reducing regulations on corporations and increasing them on women seeking reproductive health. But that's not what Americans wanted...the Republicans promised jobs and that's what Americans are looking for.

The New York Democrat said his colleagues in the Senate would be introducing a number of measures aimed at creating jobs - including one that provides tax breaks to companies that hire new workers.

"That is aimed at sort of bringing our Republican colleagues along to do something" about the struggling U.S. economy, which created just 54,000 jobs in May, Schumer said on CBS News' "Face the Nation."

"If they are against a business tax cut to help employment, they have always been for business tax cuts in the past, you gotta wonder, maybe they don't want the economy to grow," said Schumer, the number three Democrat in the Senate.

Listen to Bob Schieffer, still holding onto those Republican talking points that the MOST important issue facing us is the blasted deficit, absolutely incredulous of the Democrats plan of investing in the infrastructure, of a strong jobs program, calling it "grandiose". Um...Bob, how would you have characterized the New Deal that Roosevelt proposed? That's exactly what the country needed to put the economy back on track. The Democrats' plan is not nearly that extensive, and in a hat tip to the whiny, petulant Republicans, includes tax breaks.


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