Elbows From The Bully


It pains me to trot out my disgraced Lakers, blindly beloved since childhood, as the big bad bully who frightfully illustrates what is happening to us all. But it fits: The mega-rich Giant bludgeoning the hapless little guy until he goes splat on the ground.

The Goliath Andrew Bynum, or at least the people who manage his cracked image, knew enough to apologize for his assault on the scrappy Lilliputian named J.J. Barea. And he will cough up $700,000 in fines and lost wages.

The GOP? Not so much.

While crippling the middle class, demonizing and de-funding the poor and the unemployed, while walling off the wombs of women like a condemned lot full of slums, even while killing Medicare, the Republicans and their billionaire puppeteers simply sneer all the more. Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Rick Scott, Dan Snyder, Boehner, Cantor, Bachmann and the Pauls seem genetically incapable of remorse or fair play.

They will never stop throwing their vicious "Koch-ed" elbows into the neck of nearly every American. They will never apologize. And with their bought-and-corrupted legislatures and Supreme Court, they will never be fined or suspended.

Splat, splat, splat we all go. It stings. It’s demoralizing. And still there is one thing that these bullies remain deathly afraid of: that we all pick our battered bodies off the hard floor again and again and vote them out of the game.


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