Will Jerkwad GOP Governors Help The Dems In 2012?

Dave Weigel makes a good point in this piece: Public Policy Polling continues its tour of swing states that elected Republican governors last year and have already soured on them. In Florida, Rick Scott's already deep in the negative

Dear Democrats, Please, Please, Please Don't Eff This Up

An artist's rendition of me begging the Dems to not cave. Yes, in real life I am a dog.I'm taking a break from the Opening Bell this morning to write a letter to the Democratic Party. OK, guys, here's the deal. The House yesterday passed an

Joe Scarborough Dishes On Democratic Senators

Overheard conversation between a couple of 15-year olds recently: "OMG, have you heard? No one likes him. They're all telling me what a jerk he is." "Oh, I know. He just doesn't have a clue about anything, does he?" That clip from

Krugman: How Not To Handle A Witch Hunt

Paul Krugman: It's Witch-Hunt Season As you might have noticed, Krugman is exceedingly anxious this days, and his column reflects it. After all, the Dems are about to get hit with a right-wing tsunami if the Republicans take control of the House,

Mike's Blog Roundup

David DeGraw: Will Americans passively accept the slow death of debt slavery? Grist: Brits mad, and worried about BP bashing Lawyers, Guns