Election Day

Dark Money Group Lied About Spending

The 501(c)4 social welfare group, A Better America Now, told the IRS it did not spend any money on "direct or indirect political campaign activities ," yet at the same time told the Federal Election Commission it had spent about $65,000 urging people to "vote against" Pete Gallego, a Texas candidate for Congress.

Woman In Labor Waits To Vote Before Going To Hospital

My hero! When you think of how many people can't even be bothered to vote, it's touching to read about someone this determined to get to the polls: Galicia Malone's contractions were five minutes apart when she arrived at her polling place in

Morning Open Thread

Good morning, today is Tuesday, November 6, 2012. It's election day, have you voted yet? Your morning open thread begins below.

Know Your Voting Rights: State-by-State Voter Information

Some things go better if you get prepared. People should get ready to vote now to make their voices heard in this important election year. There are a few ways voters can get their votes in easily, get their votes counted, and make sure their