Stephen Colbert: America's Credit Downgrade

While telling every one else not to panic in reaction to drops in the stock market after the S&P downgrade, Stephen Colbert packed his "hobo satchel" full of gold, weapons and a chicken as he prepared to make his escape from the United States.

Newstalgia Reference Room - The Dollar In 1961

Newstalgia Reference Room - Will The President's Recommendations Effectively Close The Dollar Gap? That was the big question in 1961 as the county weathered the effects of the worst recession since the 1930's. This panel discussion featured Republican William Avery R-Kansas and Al Ullman (D-Oregon) on the subject of the Dollar abroad.

Olympic Hockey Heats Up Today.

Sunday's game is the first big test for the US hockey team as they play Canada in a non medal game at around 4:40 pm PST on MSNBC and it'll be inten