Jessica Yellin

Blitzer On Woodward Threat Claim: 'Maybe This Whole Sidebar Is Being Overblown?'

After over-hyping the claims by Bob Woodward on The Situation Room just the day before that the White House supposedly threatened him, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Jessica Yellin ended up doing some back tracking on this Thursday's show, after the emails released by Politico revealed that he wasn't being threatened after all. Even though they both eventually admitted that the emails were not threatening at all, both of them were desperate to cling to the notion that Woodward might have still have some legitimate reason to feel threatened by the White House.

House To Vote On Senate 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill Without Amendments

It seems the House Republicans finally woke to the fact that their demands to amend the bill that just made it through the Senate to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff" were going nowhere: New Year’s on the ‘cliff’ _ House to vote on Senate

House Republicans Cave On Payroll Tax Cut Extension

It looks like Boehner blinked on the payroll tax holiday extension -- BREAKING: House Republicans Cave, Agree To Two-Month Payroll Tax Cut Extension: A top Senate Democratic aide says House Republicans have privately offered up the terms of their

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I would like to know what rock David Gergen has been living under for the last two years if he thinks this tragedy in Arizona is possibly just the beginning of a period of violence. Someone needs to tell him to go read our contributor Jon Perr's post if he actually hasn't been paying attention to how many people have already been killed over the last couple of years. We don't need to know "what part of that culture" of violence led to the actions by the shooter in Arizona to know that it's long past time to tell the right wing in this country to quit using violent rhetoric as a political tool to terrorize those they disagree with.

Dennis Kucinich Could See Congressional District Eliminated

As Rep. Dennis Kucinich relayed to Jessica Yellin on CNN, he's not waiting for his the GOP in Ohio to redraw their congressional districts before warning his supporters that we're likely to see his eliminated. Kucinich To Supporters: Where Will I

Jessica Yellin Responds To Glenn Greenwald -- Inadequately

From Greg Mitchell who's been blogging on the WikiLeaks release at The Nation for the last month, CNN's Jessica Yellin responds to Glenn Greenwald -- inadequately: Jessica Yellin responds to Glenn Greenwald critique (see below) at CNN blog --