Blitzer On Woodward Threat Claim: 'Maybe This Whole Sidebar Is Being Overblown?'


After over-hyping the claims by Bob Woodward on The Situation Room just the day before that the White House supposedly threatened him, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Jessica Yellin ended up doing some back tracking on this Thursday's show, after the emails released by Politico revealed that he wasn't being threatened after all. Even though they both eventually admitted that the emails were not threatening at all, both of them were desperate to cling to the notion that Woodward might have still have some legitimate reason to feel threatened by the White House.

Blitzer asked Yellin if she thought "maybe this sidebar is being overblown?" which might be the understatement of the day. You think so Wolf? Overblown by whom exactly? Woodward played CNN and the rest of the right like a fiddle and as John already noted here, all of them were missing the forest for the trees when it comes to the substance in Sperling and Woodward's email exchange and the fact that the White House is still willing to throw their base under the bus with these negotiations.

CNN, still doing their best to be Fox-lite. And note to Wolf Blitzer, Bob Woodward quit acting like a "premier journalist" ages ago. Now he's a right wing hack with an axe to grind. The good news out of all of this though, according to Wolf Blitzer, is that Gene Sperling is going to come on the air with Candy Crowley this weekend to talk about this nonsense. I await learning nothing of value during that interview.

Here's more from Gawker on Woodward: Goodbye, Bob


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