Help Save Our Public Postal Service
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Help Save Our Public Postal Service

A crisis is being engineered to get people complaining about the "slow, inefficient" Post Office. It's time for the public to demand that Congress act to end the crisis.

Saturday Mail Delivery To End August 1st

In the surest sign yet that it is facing significant financial headwinds, the U.S. Postal Service plans to stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting Aug. 1, the agency is set to announce Wednesday. The Washington Post reports: The

Anonymous Sends Message To Unemployed Americans

We are Anonymous, We are all perfectly aware of the economic crises and job shortages in this country. We are aware that many of us are still without jobs and many have had to take lesser jobs for less pay outside of our chosen professions and educational training...

Moved Your Money Out Of BofA? If You're Unemployed Too Bad

So you've lost your job huh? Well when you get that unemployment check in the mail in many states you'll now get a bank debit card instead. Which bank? In California it's one that didn't have to pay federal income tax after being bailed out. The one