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"Pop-Centric" Warfare Still Kills People

I'm trying to absorb the news in the NYT today that "NATO" helicopters (probably Army Apaches) shot up a group of children who were picking up firewood near a forward operating base that was under fire by insurgents using a mortar. This FOB was in

Repubs Are Not Serious About National Security (cont)

On Sunday's "Beat the Press," David Gregory asked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) what he thought about the future of US forces in Afghanistan. Graham doesn't see an end to US forces' occupation of that country, rather he calls for an "enduring

Iraq's Military - Not Ready For Prime Time

I've not been in favor of the idea of the US government selling M1 Abrams tanks and F16 aircraft to the the Iraqi army. It's not just that their past experience has been limited to Soviet-era equipment (cheap, not state-of-the-art, but it works),