Cal Thomas

Fox News Watch Asks If Franklin Graham Was Ambushed By MSNBC

About the only thing more ridiculous than the decision by the producers on Morning Joe to bring on Franklin Graham to throw flames on whether President Obama is a Christian or not, or whether he's supposedly "more concerned about Muslims than

Rachel Maddow Responds To Cal Thomas' Ugly Remarks At CPAC

After discussing the press conference held earlier in the day with students from Catholic University and other local campuses, held at the National Press Club who wanted to bring attention to the fact that a large number of Catholic universities and

Fox News Watch Finally Addresses The Murdoch Scandal

After chatting during a commercial break that they weren't going to touch the Murdoch scandals, this weekend Fox's supposed "media watchdog" site devoted their first two segments to it. ‘Fox News Watch’ Covers Hacking Scandal For Two