Fox News Watch Asks If Franklin Graham Was Ambushed By MSNBC


About the only thing more ridiculous than the decision by the producers on Morning Joe to bring on Franklin Graham to throw flames on whether President Obama is a Christian or not, or whether he's supposedly "more concerned about Muslims than Christians that are being murdered in Muslim countries" was this bit of concern trolling for Graham by the panel on Fox News Watch, where host Jon Scott asked if Graham was "ambushed."

He wasn't "ambushed" or forced to participate in any flame throwing during that segment any more than he was when CNN had him back on again for more of the Obama is a secret Muslim ridiculousness. What's really pathetic here is the panel in the Fox segment tried to claim Graham's agenda and he wanted to talk about got sidelined by questioning him on whether he thought he was a Christian or not, when what they claim he came on there to discuss was raising the exact same sort of drummed up concerns, which is that he supposedly more concerned about Muslims and making them angry than he is Christians being murdered in Muslim countries.

Apparently they're really upset that one line of calling President Obama a secret Muslim that's not really a Christian got highjacked by the crowd over at MSNBC and didn't allow him to make another attack on pretty much the exact same issue. And just ignore the fact that Graham got ample opportunity to discuss exactly what they claim he did not during that same interview.

Anyone watching this debacle with Graham every time he shows up on television knows what his game is about, which is painting the President as "the other" who is not really one of us, and somehow foreign, and playing to the birther nonsense that Graham has already made himself notorious for.

It's a really sad state of events when you've got one network slamming a really horrible interview where the producers should have known better than to bring Graham on in the first place because they knew what they were going to get and being upset because it wasn't more horrible yet and trying to pretend Graham's agenda got highjacked somehow. It wasn't. MSNBC should be ashamed for putting this birther who's just out to line his pocket and push a right wing agenda on the air and so should Fox for carrying water for him.


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