Robin Roberts

Ann Romney: Mitt Is 'Used To Passing Up' $30 Million Job Offers

Ann Romney says that her husband is "used to" passing up multi-million job offers and that the "poor guy" didn't even get paid for running the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. During an interview on Friday, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade

More Reporters Targeted By Egypt's Pro-Mubarak Mobs

ABC's Christiane Amanpour had her windshield broken while fleeing from pro-Mubarak "thugs" Wednesday. In recent days, reporters have become targets in Egypt. Western journalists have been roughed up by pro-Mubarak demonstrators, and reporters

Obama: 'I Don't Think About Sarah Palin'

In an interview set to air Friday, ABC's Barbara Walters tried and failed to pull President Barack Obama into a debate with Sarah Palin. "You may have heard that Sarah Palin told me just last week that she could beat you if she ran," Walters told