October 30, 2013

This episode all centers around the Belle Meade polo match, but first, Rayna kicks things off with her interview with Robin Roberts (playing herself). Questioned about her father, she says Lamar always kept his business separate, but she thinks he should be considered innocent until proven guilty. She also talks about how she has a new perspective on life since her accident. In response to a question about her love life, she smiles and says "no comment."

Meanwhile, Deacon's working out a new song on the piano when Megan, his lawyer GF, walks in. She invites him to the polo match. Deacon says he doesn't like that kind of thing, but you know he's going anyway.

Rayna informs Scarlett she's got her booked that night at the Bluebird, and she's trying to line up an opening slot for her on a tour. She tells her not to let Sleazy Jeff get under her skin.

Mayor Teddy holds a press conference to announce his plans for a music festival (because God knows, if there's anything Nashville needs, it's another music festival) but the press wants to talk about his upcoming marriage to Not-Pregnant Peggy. He says they will be married next week in a private ceremony, and insists it all happened after his divorce.

Avery and Gunnar are listening the playback of a song Avery mixed in Juliette's studio, and they're pleased. Scarlett shows up and Gunnar jets out of there. "That was only a little weird," she tells Avery. She wants to talk to him about the Bluebird showcase. "I don't want to blow it," she says. After all, who knows more about blowing his chances than Avery?

Tandy talks Rayna into going to the polo match. Rayna hasn't ever been, and hates society events, but Tandy tells her it's where all the rich people are and reminds her she needs the investors.

At the polo match, Juliette shows up and runs into Charlie Wentworth, not realizing he would be there. He tells her he invited her, and tells her his marriage isn't what it appears to be.

Meanwhile, Rayna's there and trying to hit up rich people to get them to invest in Highway 65. She's getting polite brushoffs and doesn't know why, until one man sneers at Tandy. "I'm kind of surprised you're here," he said. "You were Lamar's CFO, you must know all of his dirty little secrets." Oh, if only Rayna knew.

Luke Wheeler is at the match, too, and is watching Rayna from afar. (Hey, where's Liam? Did Rayna love
'im and leave 'im?) He gives Deacon a big hug. Deacon asks about his kids and he says they’re with his ex. Luke tries to ask him if he and Rayna are an item but Megan comes over and he can't find out.

Charlie is telling Juliette he's not like the people at the match; he's always worked and he's only there because he likes horses. "These people aren't my people," he tells her. "You're just plain simple folks," Juliette retorts. "Stick around and I'll prove it," he tells her. Why do I get the feeling that Charlie wants to play music with Juliette even more than he wants to sleep with her again?

Back at the boys' crash pad, Avery and Scarlett are laughing and playing video games together. He tells her she's going to be great at the Bluebird, and assures her he's happy for her -- this time. "You've come into your own and I find it incredibly sexy," he says. They kiss! Woo hoo, looks like Avery has learned his lesson.

Deacon introduces Rayna to Megan. It's not that awkward, and it's quick. But not too quick. You know?

Charlie wins the match but doesn't show up to accept the trophy, which pisses wife Olivia off to no end. Where is he? In the barn with Juliette and the stable hands, who tell Miss Thing that Charlies always grooms his own horses after a match. Someone pulls out a guitar and starts to play one of Juliette's songs. One breaks out a harmonica, and they're jamming.

After they leave the stable, Juliette overhears a fight between "perfect couple" Charlie and Olivia, and begins to understand Olivia is a social climber who doesn't really care about Charlie.

Back to the crash pad, where Avery and Scarlett are in bed. Avery's looking at her all like, we're in love now, right? Scarlett looks more like, "Uh oh, I need to think about this." They agree to meet at the Bluebird.

Rayna spots Juliette with Charlie and says, "Charlie Wentworth?" Juliette: We're just friends! Rayna: "He's a powerful, influential married man, our fans our mostly female, they don't take to that kind of thing. Just sayin'!" Juliette: You can forget about Scarlett opening for my tour. She flounces off.

"I slept with Avery," Scarlett says to Zoey. "The heart wants what the heart wants," Zoey says, figuring this gets her off the hook for sleeping with Gunnar. "I'm not sure that's what I want," Scarlett says. A beat. "But it did feel like home."

At the Bluebird, Zoey says to Avery, "So you want to give it another shot?" "I don't know, does she?" he says, all hopeful and puppy dog. Oh Avery, I think she's gonna make you work for it.

Everybody's at the Bluebird for Scarlett's show: Rayna, Avery, Zoey, Gunnar and a lot of industry types. Luke Wheeler's there, too. Scarlett does a beautiful Sarah Buxton song, "Every Time I Fall In Love," and Avery is watching her from behind the bar. Poor Avery.

In the back of the club, Zoey tells Gunnar to kiss her. She previously told him it was a mistake, she broke the girlfriend code, but now that Scarlett's slept with Avery again, she figures she'll go for it.

Avery tells Scarlett to go talk to the industry people, they can meet later. Scarlett says she's not sure what happened, but since she's not leaving on tour yet, "we can take some time to figure it out."

Outside the club, Rayna is talking up Scarlett to Luke. She asks if he'll let Scarlett open on his tour, and Luke kisses Rayna, who looks shocked. He says yes, Scarlett can open for him.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Juliette are having sex in the hotel when Olivia walks in on them. She slips out quietly before they see her.

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