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CA's Historic Paid Sick Leave Law Going To Gov. Jerry Brown
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CA's Historic Paid Sick Leave Law Going To Gov. Jerry Brown

The California legislature positioned the state to make history late Friday night, by passing a bill that would guarantee approximately 6.5 million additional California workers the right to earn paid sick leave.

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Challenges NJ Gov. Chris Christie

You gotta love Jerry Brown. The man is 74 years old, spent his entire life in public service and can run circles around people half his age, literally. And that includes a certain governor from New Jersey, touted to be the great GOP hope for

Taxing Millionaires In California

There is a fascinating round of politics being played in California right now on the taxation issue, and how it plays out will have a major impact on national politics over the next few years. A number of different political players are proposing

California's Gov. Brown Signs Dream Act Into Law

Gov. Brown did something right for California. LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday granted illegal immigrants access to state financial aid at public universities and community colleges, putting California once again in the center of the

May 25, 1992 - "Give Us Your Tired, Your . . . . . Never Mind".

News of the day for May 25, 1992 - Pres. Bush (Sr.) refuses to allow Haitian Boat People to come to the U.S. - Middle East violence escalates with bombings in Beirut and the Gaza Strip. Thailand pro-democracy violence and the ouster of Prime Minster Suchinda. Proposed UN sanctions against Serbia as the war in Bosnia escalates. The 1992 Primary season in full swing with Clinton taking the lead and arrests in Weedstock (shock, not).