Tim Pool

The Young Turks: Anger In Anaheim

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur spoke to journalists Tim Pool, Amber Lyon and Andrew Gumbel about the latest updates on the protests in Anaheim over the weekend, during which 9 more arrests were made as tensions between the police and local residents continues to rise.

Tim Pool Interviews Vermin Supreme

Journalist and livestreamer Tim Pool attended the HOPE9 conference in New York City over the weekend, and crossed paths with Vermin Supreme, so naturally an interview ensued. Many of you may know, or know of Vermin, the satirical

The Daily Beast Interviews Journalist, Livestreamer Tim Pool

The founder of TimcastTV, Pool is a live-stream and social-media journalist who has garnered attention for his coverage of Occupy Wall Street and the Million Hoodie March, which honored Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teen who was shot and killed in Florida in February.

Philly Cops, DHS Kettle, Brutally Arrest 28 At Occupy National Gathering

Twenty-eight arrests have been confirmed Sunday night during the ongoing Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, after a small, impromptu march followed the closing of Franklin Square where most of the gathering's activities have been centered. Two of the people arrested were livestreamers, Jesse Hadden of Occupy Portland and “Cowboy Mike” of Occupy Philly. Two of the people arrested were also medics.