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Leaked Florida GOP Memo: Dems Are 'Cleaning Our Clock'

Evan Axelbank, a reporter with WPTV in Florida, was tweeting late Tuesday night about a memo he received from a GOP campaign adviser to a local candidate there that contained some good news...for Democrats. (See the memo above.) Axelbank

Fake WI Mailings Sending Out Bad Information To Voters

It's overwhelming, just how many Republican states, counties and organizations are blatantly breaking the law in an attempt to suppress Democratic voters. In this case, it's being done by "unofficial" groups, but of course the GOP is looking the

Jon Stewart Rips Fox And GOP For Exaggerating Voter Fraud

Jon Stewart took a shot at Fox News, Republicans and their allies for not even trying to hide why they're passing these voter ID laws across the country, even though they're well aware that there is no problem with voter fraud. As Stewart pointed