Insurgents Will Not Succeed

Colin Powel's Op-Ed in the USA Today shows how he continues to behave like a Republican talking point memo. I thought we went into the war because of WMD's? You out for the mushroom cloud. The more I hear and read this garbage the more I wish John Kerry would just say he would end the war and pull out of Iraq. Take the resources we'd save and build a true Homeland Security Department that will do what it should be doing instead of being used as a tool to frighten voters into voting for Bush.

By Colin L. Powell
After 30 years of dictatorship and fear, Iraq is free. Saddam Hussein a terrible dictator, is gone. read on...and no more invasions of Iraq's neighbors.(Let's see...the last time that happened we blew the shit out of him in 91'?) keep reading...
We will not go weak in the knees. Is success guaranteed? No.(hold on a second. Colin Powel just said that we might not succeed. Am I missing something here? Has he been to Walter Read hospital lately?)...keep reading.
Is it going to be dangerous? Yes. But now is not the time to be faint of heart.
(I don't think an American soldiers having their knees blown off or American's not fighting are faint of heart or weak at the knees Mr. Powell, it's your administration that is faint of heart and unwilling to admit your mistakes) continue:
When this fighting has been brought under control, the people of the world will see Iraqis in charge of their own destiny - moving forward toward an election that will provide for a representative form of government that offers hope and determination for the future.(That future might take at least five years in the making Mr Powell! Has America been better served by serving a neocon agenda or being honest with the American people?)


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