Jack Cafferty Attacks Media Over The BTK Killer

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Finally a 24/7 man said what we have been saying all along and was said the best by Jon Stewart. " You are hurting us." Cafferty called the media's obsession with sensationalized garbage, sharks and missing white girls what it really is as he answers Wolf Blitzer's question:

DC Media Girl: "He was hired to be CNN’s resident curmudgeon. But something very special happened to Jack Cafferty yesterday....read on

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Cafferty: How you doing? It's like the world's gone mad, Wolf. I mean, what a charade. The BTK killer actually shed a tear or two during this sentencing hearing, this circus today. That was on the outside. He had to be laughing hysterically on the inside. We, the news media and the criminal justice system played right into his hands. A two-day sentencing hearing that was televised live around the world after he'd already confessed.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves. Publicity is this monster's gasoline. It's what kept him going during the years he was playing cat and mouse with the cops and murdering innocent people. He loved being the BTK killer. He loved reading about himself in the newspapers, watching the television stories on the local news in Kansas, on the nights before he got caught.

Doesn't anybody get this? This thing should have been sentenced in a closed courtroom in 30 seconds and thrown into a hole to rot. I'm a little embarrassed to be a part of the media on a day like this.


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