Dumb Blondes And Andrea Mitchell

Dumb Blondes and Andrea Mitchell

"So how come Woodward, supposedly the preeminent investigative reporter of our time, missed the biggest story of our time -- a story that was taking place right under his nose?Some would say it's because he's carrying water for the Bushies. I disagree. I think it's because he's the dumb blonde of American journalism, so awed by his proximity to power that he buys whatever he's being sold...read on"

I've speculated that BushCo. was waiting for Woodward to leak the information all along, but he didn' because he wasn't smart enough to know what he had. I really doubt it though.

"Let's revise that initial axiom just a bit. It's irresponsible for Joe Wilson to speculate that your boss Karl Rove might be Robert Novak's source, but it's fine for you to throw Dick Armitage under the bus with absolutely no evidence at all because he is after all BushCo.'s Fantasy Dream Team Leaker, and doubly so when you're trying to pry Don Imus off your back for busting you on your all-too-convenient memory lapses...read on"

This-I agree with.

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