We Love You Too, Joe Klein!

SC-Klein-Limbaugh1.jpg Joe Klein does his best to woo the blogosphere into his corner and what a job he does. For no reason at all, he throws the left wing bloggers under the bus while talking about Limbaugh's horrific treatment of MJ Fox. Way to go! Can all those Democrats tell me how Markos' ring tasted at YearlyKos? It was a little tart the last time I had the privilege. I know we all really love the way you write and communicate your vast knowledge on the political front and represent all liberals in the great land of the USA. Keep up the good work. We love you, Joe Klein!

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KLEIN: And I got to say that, you know, for the vice president of the United States to legitimize a guy like Rush Limbaugh is every bit as bad as all those Democrats who went out to Las Vegas to kiss the ring of the Daily Kos and the left-wing bloggers. I mean, can't we—can't we just stop this crap?

KLEIN: You know, I just can't get over Rush Limbaugh. Boy—you know, people who live in glass pillboxes shouldn't throw spitballs, right? I mean, this is the guy--people who live in glass pillboxes shouldn't throw spitballs, right? I mean, this is the guy—the guy least in the country who should be criticizing an ad like this, given his own history of addiction.

SCARBOROUGH: Does it tell you, though, how powerful that Michael J.

Fox ad is and how...

SCARBOROUGH: It could actually tip the Missouri race...

KLEIN: I think it could.

SCARBOROUGH: ... which could tip the Senate to the Democrats. I mean, this could be an ad that actually has a historical impact.

KLEIN: And you know, Joe, there was a response ad that the Republicans ran that featured a lot of Missouri athletes, like Jeff Soupon (ph), the St. Louis Cardinal pitcher who beat my beloved Mets. And that wasn't quite as good or as powerful as this because they were talking specifically about the stem cell research referendum in Missouri


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