David Shuster Slams Bush And Tucker

shuster-tucker.jpg David says the Judge (and the others) laid out the whole case and didn't find the sentence harsh at all. Tucker's been defending this felon for months. Shuster reminds him that Plame was classified and Scooter obstructed justice so that Fitzgerald could never get at the truth. His vision was blocked so to speak...

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Tucker doesn't care that Libby lied to the FBI and a grand jury...This garbage about an underlying crime is a joke and it shows what hypocrites the NRO, Fred Thompson, Mary Matalin and the rest of the crew that has been screaming for a Libby pardon by Bush. The DC beltway circuit can all breath a sigh of relief. Remember the Shiavo case? 79% of America was against Bush/Delay for interfering there and in a recent poll 72% of Americans were against a Libby pardon. You and I would never get such consideration.

Jane Hamsher: The dirty unwashed masses who populate our juries are fit to judge each other, but evidently not the ruling class. David Broder can breathe a sigh of relief that People Like Him are safe from those overly zealous US Attorneys who might want to hold them accountable to the same absurd standards that the little people must live by. How quaint.

The White House has turned off their phone lines. Evidently they don’t want to hear what you think. There will still be phones tomorrow, and I don’t imagine anyone who cared enough to drop Dubya a line is going to forget.


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