Mike's Blog Round Up

Michael from The Reaction here -- and here's my penultimate round-up:

One of the major stories from yesterday: The House failed by just 13 votes to override Bush's reprehensible S-CHIP veto. For more, see Echidne and Pamela Leavey.

Mad Kane: Is Rudy's "crazed warmongering" real or a ruse? 9/11... 9/11... 9/11...

Canadian Cynic: Dinesh D'Souza and the wankersphere.

Carl at Simply Left Behind: Shall we play a game? Iran, Russia, and the warmongering of George W. Bush.

Janinsanfran at Happening Here: "[T]he US is currently losing -- actually has lost -- two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan... The U.S. launched aggressive wars and lost. Extending the killing and dying won't change a thing, but will increase human misery and U.S. guilt." Very well put.

Aspazia at Mad Melancholic Feminista: Abortion, in real life. A case for reproductive freedom.

Josh Rosenau at Thoughts from Kansas: Funding creationism through a Dobson-friendly Louisiana group. The culprit? Sen. David Vitter of D.C. Madam fame/hypocrisy.

David Pollard at How to Save the World: Caring about nature and income, wealth disparity, and generational class war. A couple of posts to make you think.

See you again tomorrow. mjwstickings [at] yahoo [dot] ca


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