Mike's Blog Round Up

SteveAudio here at the mic on Thursday, let's see what's on the set list tonight:

Can't go on, everything I had is gone, stormy weather. . . The IPCC just received a Nobel Prize and with it a seal of approval on global warming. But what if it's worse than they said? And what would GWBush say about it (actually, Will Ferrell).
Twisted truth and half the news, can't hide it in your eyes. . . Harry Ried keeps saying "we need 60 Votes". Ed Schultz calls bulls**t! Ahmad Chalabi, the con man who milked the U.S. for millions, lied us into the war is back like the Energizer Bunny. They tighten up the tethers and they shackle your feet. . . Think our government wouldn't suppress our right to peacefully protest? Think again! And is the conservative movement is foreordained to remain in its current debased form?
And you never ask questions, when God's on your side.. . . Will Catholics swing Right or Left in '08? And does God hate the Westboro Baptist Church? And does GWBush have a holy aura around him?

I fought the law and the law won. . . Remember the dry-cleaning pants lawsuit-losing judge? He's looking for a new gig. And since the Supreme Court keeps re-interpreting laws, do you think law schools should keep up to date? Nah.

We have a new break song tonight, rockin' it old school. We'll play some dope jams and bangin' hitz tomorrow. Send any tips or song requests to steveaudio at earthlink dot net, with Blog Round Up as the title

See ya later, we're here all week, and I just heard there's no soap in the men's rest room. Not that it matters.


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