Whiplash!: Pat Buchanan Flip-flops On Palin In Record Time

Early Friday morning, when Sarah Palin's name was floated as a possible VP pick, Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough couldn't have been any more against it: Scarborough compares Palin to Harriet Miers, saying it would be "condescending" towards women and a huge "political faux pas," while Pat Buchanan says the pick could be spell potential "disaster."

"I will say this, and let's just be really blunt about it, if John McCain's campaign thinks that by simply appointing a woman they are going to get Hillary Clinton's voters, that is condescending and insulting to women and it is a terrible terrible political faux pas. This will be a mistake." [...]

"You know, it sounds, and I know I'm going to get blasted for this, it sounds like a Harriet Miers decision, 'let's get a woman, whether she's experienced or not'..."

Well, John McCain did make the irresponsible choice of Palin for VP, and in the second half of this mashup Heather so graciously put together, Pat Buchanan makes a complete reversal and begins to extoll the virtues of a Palin vice-presidency, going so far as to even proclaim that she and her husband were members of the "Buchanan Brigade," something the McCain campaign, for obvious reasons, vehemently denies.

We're still awaiting Scarborough's flip flop. I can't be too far off.

(h/t Heather)


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