Chris Hayes takes on all the billionaires complaining about the poors, while Nick Hanauer tries to explain their thinking to the rest of us.
February 13, 2014

It's time for a little toughlove for the whining billionaires. Chris Hayes delivered it, reminding viewers (and the whiners) of some trivial little facts, like how kids stuck at home for a snow day probably won't get lunch. SNAP cuts, unemployment extensions expired, wages that don't pay the bills, and more.

But hey, let's just go to India!

I loved Nick Hanauer's clear explanation about how the empathy gap works. He explained that believers in pure efficient markets believe they determine every outcome, even social and economic status. That makes it pretty easy to look at a guy on the street with his hand out and pass him by. To the billionaires, markets determine everything, even a person's worthiness to eat.

These guys need a wakeup call. Let's start by taxing everything they make for sitting around counting their Billionaire Bucks at a rate that would make a difference.


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