Condi Rice Can Bite Me
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March 28, 2014

Yes, Condi. Bite me. We're not stupid. We know you're snuffling around the edges to see if you can worm your way back into the White House.

That will happen over my cold, dead body. You are an unpatriotic, sniveling political hack who should be thrown on the scrap heap of American Moments We Want To Forget, But Cannot and I will work tirelessly to make sure you go back there.

Mediaite chronicles your latest hypocrisy:

“Right now, there’s a vacuum,” Rice said, according to a report via The Weekly Standard’s Stephen F. Hayes. “There’s a vacuum because we’ve decided to lower our voice. We’ve decided to step back. We’ve decided that if we step back and lower our voice, others will lead, other things will fill that vacuum.

Rice sited the ongoing civil war in Syria, the return of Al Qaeda to Iraq, China’s antagonism toward Japan and the Philippines, and Russia’s aggression in Europe as examples of how the post-Cold War order is beginning to fray.

“I fully understand the sense of weariness,” she revealed. “I fully understand that we must think: ‘Us, again?’ I know that we’ve been through two wars. I know that we’ve been vigilant against terrorism.”

“I know that it’s hard,” Rice continued, “but leaders can’t afford to get tired. Leaders can’t afford to be weary.”

F*ck you, Condi. Get on your broom and fly back to whatever cave you live in. You helped facilitate the deaths of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis when you colluded with Rumsfeld and Bush to invade Iraq for no reason other than oil, when you condoned torture, and when you lied through your teeth to every American forced to trust your "leadership" because to do otherwise was unpatriotic.

If anyone led from behind, it was you. From behind a blindfold and a water pitcher, you used torture and lies to pursue your neocon battle strategy.

Listen to Ta-Nahesi Coates, who wrote this analysis in response to your warmongering editorial two weeks ago:

War-mongering is self-justifying. If you bungle a war in Iraq, it does not mean you need to sit back and reflect on the bungling. It means you should make more war, lest Iraq become a base for your enemies. If Vladimir Putin violates Ukrainian sovereignty, it is evidence for a more muscular approach. If he doesn't, than it is evidence that he fears American power. If there are no terrorist attacks on American soil, then drones must be right and our security state must be effective. If there are attacks, then our security state must increase its surveillance, and more bombs should be dropped. Violence begets violence. Peace begets violence. The circle continues.

Since you have such a short memory of history, let's get in my time travel machine and look at what you wrote in your own book about Georgia, shall we?

To Georgian president Saakashvili, you said this:

"Mr. President, whatever you do, don't let the Russians provoke you. You remember when President Bush said that Moscow would try to get you to do something stupid. And don't engage Russian military forces. No one will come to your aid, and you will lose," I said sternly.

And then you said this about the National Security Council meeting concerning events in Georgia:

The session was a bit unruly, with a fair amount of chest beating about the Russians. At one point Steve Hadley intervened, something he rarely did. There was all kind of loose talk about what threats the United States might make. "I want to ask a question," he said in his low-key way. "Are we prepared to go to war with Russia over Georgia?" That quieted the room, and we settled into a more productive conversation of what we could do.

Leading from behind, Condi? Weary? Is THAT what you described there?

Those quotes came from a 2011 article about your book, where it seemed clear you blamed Georgia for the war with Russia. And yet, you rushed to Georgia's defense after it was published, requiring you to clarify your position in The Weekly Standard. No blame for Saakashvili, no, no.

Who did you blame? Putin, of course.

Primarily, Rice blames Putin: “The Russians, I believe, wanted a confrontation with Georgia. And I would lay that [on] Putin, yes, because even though he wasn’t president at that time, it was Putin who was always toughest on the Georgians. I explain in the book, too, that there is an almost irrational hatred of the Georgians by many Russians…”

And what did you do when Putin pushed that confrontation into war, in your eyes?

Nothing. Nothing with teeth. You and your fellow Bushies put weak-sauce sanctions on Georgia, froze other activity, and that was it. No halt to travel visas. No economic sanctions. Nothing. Zero, zip, nada. Was it because you were weary?

Save your self-righteous fantasy life for people stupid enough to believe you. The rest of us wish you'd just crawl back under your rock and let adults handle the crisis. You too, Ron Fournier.

Cowards resort to violence. It takes courage to find a better, nonviolent way through to conflict resolution. History proves who was the coward, and will prove who is the strong one. It won't be Putin, nor will it be Condi.


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