Fox News Host To Lindsey Graham: Why No GOP Health Plan Yet?

Goober Graham thought he was going to get a normal Fox News interview on Obamacare, but what he found was that host Jenna Lee finally demanded to know why the Republicans never offered up a full healthcare plan to the American people.

Why hasn't a full proposal of a completely different plan from the GOP been developed, put out to the press to be looked at and really dig into?

Graham: I hope that comes...

He hopes that comes? WTF? No, he doesn't because if they finally do release a plan as Eric Cantor is saying they will, (where's the plan?) it will most certainly be much worse and not cover the millions that have just signed up to Obamacare.

Think Progress:

On the final day of Obamacare’s open enrollment, Fox News host Jenna Lee hammered Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) about why Republicans have yet to offer a comprehensive alternative to the health law — despite repeatedly voting for its repeal.

During an interview with the network, Graham agreed that his party should introduce a unified health care proposal. But Lee persisted, pressing him for more details. “Why do you think Republicans can put together a better plan to get the trust back in government?” she asked.

“What are Republicans putting out there that says to the American, people, ‘no, you can trust us. If you don’t trust what is happening now, trust us?’” After Graham evaded the question, Lee followed up.

“Getting back to the question,” she said, “what is preventing the Republicans from putting forward a real plan that everybody can look at, even before November?”

Goober didn't respond to her questions and instead changed the subject back to how terrible he thinks the healthcare law is. According to my own experience, Obamacare is working real good.


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