Fox's Ablow: Obama Not Campaign Closer 'Unless The American People Want To Commit Suicide'


This is what passes for political commentary on Faux "news." Here's a shocker. Fox ran a poll asking the question "Would you want Pres. Obama to campaign for you if you ran for office?" and only 57 percent of those that responded said yes. Given the fact that they're polling Fox viewers, I would have expected the number to be much higher.

That didn't stop the pundits on their new godawful daytime show, Outnumbered from using it as an excuse to pile onto President Obama and talk about how "toxic" it is for any Democrats to dare to have him out on the campaign trail with them -- and for Fox's Dr. Keith Ablow to toss this bit of nonsense out there:

ABLOW: If you're a candidate and you're in that minority that wants the president to campaign for you, who are you? Who are you? You're an elected official, right? Whose supposed to value the Constitution and you want this guy by your side. What don't you get about the fact that this is somebody who wants America to dissolve.

What will wake people up? How can you possibly stand for anybody other than a deluded American population and say "This is my guy"? This is your guy? This guy? [...]

He's not the closer unless the American people want to commit suicide as a nation, and he's the guy to push you off the cliff.

Ablow of course had the rest of the Fox-bots in full agreement with him and with Guifoyle saying President Obama should just "stay home, or golfin' and hittin' it on the back nine. Yeah, that would stop them from criticizing him, wouldn't it?

h/t Media Matters

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