The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3: Four Walls And A Roof
October 26, 2014

(Spoilers Below)

There's a lesson in tonight's episode for Gareth and the Cannibals and one that shouldn't be forgotten. "You Reap What You Sow." I used this biblical saying because it applies to them specifically and for another reason that I'll explain shortly.


7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

8: For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption

There are a lot of subtle religious overtones thrown into episode three even though it functions mostly as a transitional one that starts Rick and the crew off on their next journeys. To sow is to plant the land with seeds and for Gareth, his seeds were deception leading to barbequing his unsuspecting suckers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tonight's episode picked up immediately after last week's "Strangers" left off.

(Here's a recap of episode 2)

Gareth is still pigging out on Bob's leg while explaining that he was possibly going to ask him to join up with the Terminites instead of cooking him on the barbie.

Gareth: Join us, or feed us.

That would have been an offer Bob couldn't refuse, but in the end Gareth was just too damn hungry to capture somebody else so there you go. He goes on to describe in detail how much he loves eating women more than men because they are tastier in his sadistic tone of voice. All the while Bob is looking at his missing leg, crying until he starts laughing uncontrollably. He reveals to Gareth his zombie bitten right shoulder and starts cackling that "you ate tainted meat, you ate tainted meat!" This freaks the cannibals out, but Gareth tries to calm his mates down by reminding them that their meat has been cooked so it's safe. Funny thing, but I don't think you can burn out the zombie virus like it's alcohol. (I surmised last week that this would happen)

Back at the Church, Sasha believes someone is watching them all and demands to know if Gabriel is playing them for fools because three people from their group are missing now. (We know that Daryl and Carol took off after Beth and Gareth had captured Bob.) Father Gabriel finally breaks down crying and confesses that he locked out his congregation at night that included women and children and left them to be slaughtered by zombies. This lightens the mood somewhat until some noises come from outside the church which startle them. Sasha finds Bob lying in front of the church, left there as a twisted offering from Gareth.

Sgt. Abraham gets spooked by this and decides to get Dr. Eugene out of this situation and off to Washington D.C., before things turn for the worst. An argument ensues about the bus until some haggling by Glenn convinces him to delay his mission for twelve hours.

During the commercial break we find that Rick has a plan to take out Gareth and his ghouls. Rosita remarks that it's a daring plan, but it might work. Carl, Tyreese, Gabriel and a few others stay behind as Rick, Sasha and the rest go out hunting for the Terminites. Meanwhile, Gareth and his group see them leave and double back and break into the church looking to stock up on human food supplies while the getting is good. Unfortunately for him, it was all a set up for Rick and the gang to trap them inside the church to be punished. After a few words are passed between Gareth and Rick, the Terminites are made to kneel down and our heroes go native on the cannibals in a display of wanton fury that's more savage than if they were attacking Walkers.

In a few seconds of retribution, our heroes have taken a few steps closer to the morality that led Terminus so far astray.

After the carnage is over and the flayed bodies soak their blood on the floor, Gabriel looks on in horror and sighs, " but this is the Lords house." Maggie immediately replies:

Maggie: No, this is four walls and a roof.

Without Hershel's spiritual influence, the group is now devoid of God or religion at this point after suffering through the ordeal at Terminus. This seems to be the point of the episode and maybe this season. How will they navigate on their journeys if they lose who they previously were to a more vicious revision?

Bob is now laying on a sofa in Gabriel's office and we see a picture of the Last Supper hanging on the wall. Without Daryl and Carol, our group is made up of twelve people without counting Father Gabriel. They say their goodbyes and Bob thanks Rick for taking him in and proving that there still are good people left in the world.

"Nightmares end, they shouldn't end who you are."

Even in his last remaining breaths, Bob reminds Rick how they are losing their moral compass.

Tyreese, takes the knife from Sasha's hands and ends Bob's life.

The next day Sgt. Abraham loads up the bus with those that have decided to embark on saving mankind now and he gives Rick a map that shows him the route and the destination they are headed. Michonne, Rick, Carl, Tyresse, baby Judith and Father Gabriel stay behind to wait for Daryl and Carol to return before they go too.

Later that night, Michonne is talking to Gabriel outside the church when she hears some noises coming from the woods. Much to her surprise and happiness Daryl comes out, but instead of giving her a warm welcome, he seems out of sorts.

Where's Carol?

Daryl looks at her, turns around and calls into the woods behind him.

Come on out.

We just got Carol back, you bastard writers.

Stray observations:

Tyreese is now a pacifist after what happened to him en route to Terminus with Carol and baby Judith and he coached Sasha to forgive the creeps of Terminus instead of exacting revenge.

Did Daryl and Carol find Beth or know how to track her?

Is Carol dead or abducted?

What else is Father Gabriel hiding?

How far does Sgt. Abraham get before the bus breaks down?

Grade: B

(Please forgive errors and typos)

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