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Miami-Dade GOP Chair Mocks Obama: 'I've Got A Pen And A Cell Phone'

Nelson Diaz, the chair of the Miami-Dade GOP, is utterly oblivious to what an executive order is and who is considered the EXECUTIVE.

The president is going to issue an Executive Order on immigration tomorrow. If you recall, the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill 68-32 and the House refused to put the bill up for a vote. So Ed invites Mr. Nelson Diaz to give the conversation a much-needed 'oooooh I'm telling on you,' with regards to the president's plans on immigration. After a word-slurring Boehner admonished the president that they'd fight tooth and nail, Republicans all take the same 'you'd better not, or else' tone.

Ed Schultz: Mr. Diaz good to have you with us. I appreciate you being a part of the mix tonight... What's your response to the possibility of a government shutdown from a Conservative, is it worth that risk?

Diaz: Well I'm not sure we'll have a government shutdown and I certainly would not want to see a government shutdown. But I would like to see an executive order that the president issues that is legal and does not exceed his authority of the Constitution of the United States He has to remember that we have a Congress and in January if you recall, he stood in front of that Congress and he unilaterally declared that if the Congress doesn't do what he wants, he's gonna do it by himself; he's got a pen and a cell phone. Well, I've got a pen and a cell phone. That doesn't give me the authority to do whatever I want, or pass whatever laws that I want. (inaudible)

Ed Schultz: So you think the president is overextending his legal boundaries here?

Diaz: I don't know what the president is gonna say tomorrow so I can't say that for sure, but it sounds like he might, and I hope that he doesn't.

Or what, Mr. Miami GOP, you're going to stomp your feet and demand he cease and desist? He forgets St. Ronnie Reagan and George H.W. Bush all granted amnesty to immigrants via Executive Order/Executive Action. But they were white. That changes EVERYTHING!

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