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Watch This Wingnut Do The Immigration Reform Two-Step

Tim Huelskamp (R-Teabircher) can't articulate what he might do with the millions in this country without documentation.

Mark Halperin deserves credit for pushing this Republican wingnut on what they would do about the undocumented people in this country for a change. Not that he got an answer, you understand. Because Obama. And statistics or something.

When pressed to the wall on what Republicans would do about immigrants living in this country without documents and in fear of deportation, Rep. Tim Huelskamp couldn't answer the question, because we all know there is no plan. Republicans don't have a plan for immigration they can agree on because the nativists running their party have absolutely no intention of dealing with the actual problem.

If they actually wanted to stop President Obama from issuing that executive order, all they would have to do is have a vote in the House on the already-passed Senate bill. It was bipartisan, it passed with 68 votes, and could pass the House of Representatives.

But they can't, because they must deny Obama all credit for everything. And Democrats, too, but mostly Obama.

So instead, their useful idiots do interviews where they dance the immigration two-step. That's two steps back, no steps forward.

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