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Jon Stewart Rips Sean Hannity And Fox For Calling Jay-Z A 'Former Crack Dealer'

Fox "news" got the treatment they deserved on this Wednesday's The Daily Show after the cheap shot they took at Jay-Z last week.

As our friend Ellen over at News Hounds discussed last week, despite the fact that Jay-Z is now "one of the most successful American entertainers and businessmen" and exactly "the kind of rags-to-riches American success story you'd think Fox would celebrate, they decided to describe him as a "former crack dealer" when he met with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to discuss police policy both on their web site and on Sean Hannity's show.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart was so upset by Hannity's over the top attack on Jay-Z, that he ended up needing a little help from their corespondent, Jessica Williams, who expressed the same sentiments as Ellen about the talking heads over at Fox.

WILLIAMS: But you are right Jon. Hova has done other things since his dealing days. You think that would have impressed people on Fox, because we all know how much they love to preach to black folks about responsibility, and self-improvement and about what's wrong with the black community.

Cue the montage of Fox yappers doing just that.

WILLIAMS: I mean, look Jon, you go over their black male to-do list, Jay-Z's got it covered. Good job. Check. Stable marriage. Check. I mean, sure it has its ups and downs, you know, kind of like an elevator. Is he a good father? Check. And he's not just pulling his pants up. The guy actually sells belts. That's how devoted he is to the cause of raised pants!

Jon, Jay-Z is the guy they keep saying they want all other black guys to be, but to them he's still just a crack dealer. [...]

The only thing I can imagine is that Fox has a new rule where people must be labeled according to the worst thing they've ever done and if that's the case, then we're going to have to fix some chyrons on Fox news.

I think they missed quite a few, but the ones they did are hilarious and accurate.

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