January 28, 2015

Few things annoy me as much as the media's collective ability to forget serious, significant events when it comes to evaluating candidates.

Here we have Sean Hannity tossing Sarah Palin aside for his new best pal Scott Walker. Whatever else it is, it's entirely to be expected from Sean and his cohorts at Faux News.

And here we have MSNBC glossing over all of the evil Walker and the Kochs have wrought on Wisconsin in order to pronounce him the next Tim Pawlenty.

Skip to the middle of this segment from The Last Word to see how Lawrence O'Donnell and his panel minimized all the corruption problems Walker has and more or less legitimized him as a candidate, if a milquetoast sort of candidate.

Just because Scott Walker is painting himself as Reagan incarnate doesn't mean they should be buying into it enough to forget all the union-busting and corruption in Wisconsin. To her credit, Krystal Ball at least brought up the terrible job creation numbers under Walker's leadership, which should be the lead counterpoint to any presidential campaign he intends to launch if they're not going to talk about why he is unfit to even set foot on the White House grounds, much less live there.

Here's my prediction: It will come down to Rand Paul, Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush. The rest of them will all be jockeying for the VP slot.

There will be tons of ads and mailers and money spent trying to convince Americans who don't pay attention that the middle class is dying because of Democratic policies, and it will be up to us to counter those claims early and often. There is no way they should ever be allowed to play the populism card when all they've done for the last six years is suck up to their billionaire masters.

While we're at it, perhaps we could have a real Democratic primary, too? I'm not all that excited about coronating Hillary, and frankly, we could use the attention.

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