January 16, 2015

Fox and Friends has a segment called "The Trouble With Schools," which is designed to highlight the goings on of the liberal elite learning crowd. Today's interview with Doctor [sic] Robert Jeffress began with a scholarly question from Steve Doocy:

"What's Duke doing, here?"

Here comes the "expert" who graces us with his presence, and why him? Because he has a doctorate in religious-grifter studies. Dr. Jeffress said,

this is political correctness run amok. Duke is hypocritical... saying they're doing it for diversity and pluralism when this very same University tried to cancel a pro-life event at their women's center. Those who cry loudest for tolerance are generally the most intolerant.

Of course, if the Christian fundamentalists can't control women's reproductive health, there is no freedom...yadda yadda yadda. Duke University was founded by Christians--Methodists and Quakers, and so on and so forth...

This charming PhD in charlatanism claimed that in the first hundred and sixty years of our nation's history, our judiciary stated that this was a CHRISTIAN nation. Of course that is total and utter nonsense, like most things said on Fox News. After all, how could these men have been such devout, Christian followers yet not include a single reference to their religion anywhere in the Constitution if they really wanted this to be a “Christian nation?"

This all started with redundant-moniker, Erick Erickson's RedState.com, who compared Duke University to a Parisian suburb, you know, with all its Muslim tolerance. The piece from Wednesday labels the call to prayer as a recruiting tool, designed to convert precious Christian saints into Islamic devils. (My own embellishment).

Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest

Ashhadu anla ilaha illal laa (2 times)

I testify, there is no God but Allah

Ashadu anna Muhammadur rasulullah (2 times)

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

Haia alas salaah (2 times)

Come to prayer

Haia alal falah (2 times)

Come for success

As salatus khairum minan naum*

Prayer is better than sleep*

Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest

La ilaha illal laa

There is no God but Allah

This is not a mere call to prayer for Muslims, it is active call to become a Muslim. It is no different than a Christian exhortation to attend church.

It's not as if the constant bells from the chapel for Christian services aren't enough of a stark reminder of how Christian Duke University truly is. How about all the atheists, who will speak for them? The one thing these finger-painting Troglodytes do understand, is that the number of atheists increases as people tend to become less religious when exposed to more science, logic, reason and EVIDENCE. This terrifies the people at Fox News and the leaders of the party of the religious grift, the GOP.

If you want to increase the standards of a University like Duke, you must draw from a diverse group, domestic and foreign. Think of all the technology in the North Carolina Research Triangle and the talent it attracts. It's my experience that many of these people are from nations that have large Islamic populations, so tolerance of Islam at Duke seems pretty de rigueur.

Right-wingers' fearmongering over Islam led to a flood of complaints directed at the University, just like Doocy predicted.

Duke University changed course Thursday following a flurry of calls and emails objecting to the plan.

Instead, Muslims will gather for their call to prayer in a grassy area near the 210-foot gothic tower before heading into a room in Duke Chapel for their weekly prayer service. The university had previously said a moderately amplified call to prayer would be read by members of the Muslim Students Association from the tower for about three minutes each Friday.

Islam is practiced by people who look differently than the Reince Priebuses of the John Birch Party. Not only that, the idea of religious tolerance is only for those who practice the RIGHT religion, Christianity. Case closed.

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