Fox's Neil Cavuto and Ben Stein use calls to do something about income disparity in the United States as another opportunity to call those living in poverty names.
May 20, 2015

Remember all that wailing and gnashing of teeth we've seen from Faux "news" in recent weeks over President Obama rightfully calling them out for routinely demonizing those living in poverty and calling them a bunch of lazy moochers that don't want to work?

It seems that Fox's Neil Cavuto was shameless enough to complain about President Obama over the weekend on his Saturday show, and then turn right around on his weekday show and allow Ben Stein to give Jon Stewart, this blog, and Media Matters some more material for our archives of Fox and their poor-shaming.

Cavuto started out the segment with Stein with another of their Fox "news" ALERTS saying Warning, warning!!!! Hillary Clinton said the deck is stacked for the rich, and so did Bernie Sanders... so OMG!!!!! Hillary is a dirty f**kig hippie Socialist now!!! The horror!!

Which is what Neil Cavuto and his buddy Ben Stein believes is "class warfare" against those poor downtrodden rich people.

Which of course led to more poor-shaming as documented by Media Matters: Ben Stein On Fox: There Are An Awful Lot Of Poor People "Who Are Slobs, Drunks, [And] Drug Addicts":

STEIN: There has never been a case in history where a poor person who is a slovenly, uneducated, lazy, undisciplined drug addict got to be rich because of some wealthy person being taxed. It's fine with me --

CAVUTO: Wait, wait, wait. I just want to be clear Ben Stein is not saying that all poor people are slovenly.

STEIN: No, no, no, not at all, not at all, many are fine, and incredibly hard working people and I love them and by the way, I work with them when I go to Walmart, and they're great, great people. But there are an awful lot of people who are slobs, drunks, drug addicts. No plan is going to help them. Their own discipline, their own willingness to get an education, that will help them. Taking away from the rich is not going to help them. By the way, it's fine with me if they take away from the rich. I sign my income tax check with a smile, but I don't -- but I don't think it's going to make the poor rich.


STEIN: If you took all that money and gave it to the dumber people who are way below the poverty line, they'll be better off for a little while, but unless they can develop better habits of life they are not going to be better off at all. Any person in this country who works hard, gets a decent education and really, really is disciplined can become a middle-class person unless he's physically or mentally disabled. It doesn't happen by taking away from the rich. It happens by the efforts of the individual person in America. Self-discipline, reliance upon self, reliance upon hard work -- that's what makes it happen. (emphasis added)

They wrapped things up by lying about Sanders' College for All Act and claimed that he wanted the middle class and those barely getting by to pay for it, when the proposal clearly states that the money would come from Wall Street speculators, and which they could have read here.

Stein also pretended he'd have no problem paying for college for those who are truly living in poverty (As opposed to what? I'm not exactly sure.) but he doesn't like Sanders' proposal because he thinks too many kids are just going to college so they can do a bunch of drugs.

Maybe he's projecting and recounting his own college days. Who knows.

Either way, these two overpaid assholes need to go spend a few days in the shoes of those who are barely getting by in America and maybe they'd learn to have a little empathy for their fellow human beings. I'm not counting on that happening with either of these blowhards any time soon.

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