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Kevin Jackson Blames Liberal Culture For Charleston Shooter

Kevin Jackson offends anyone with sensibility, as he always does, on Fox 'News.'

I pulled the video above from Kevin Jackson's site at the Blacksphere, a site where a black man can bash the 'Democrat Party' because he wants to be different. Don't let the title of his video fool you, he annihilates no one, he just kisses the asses of his massas on the right. It pays much better than taking the side of the majority of people, who look like he does, so why not? At C&L, we've written about Jackson on numerous occasions and it seems that he's getting more outlandish every time they ask him to come on Fox News. This time, America's Newsroom host Martha MacCallum, interviewed Jackson and Jessica Ehrlich. Jessica is the sensible one, so she helped balance out the other two crazies (not), or at least she tried.

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post covered the gist of Jackson's hateful rhetoric:

"...the wacky Charleston blame game took another twist, this time on Fox News. “America’s Newsroom” host Martha MacCallum asked guest Kevin Jackson about the movement to take down the Confederate flag in South Carolina and elsewhere. Jackson replied, “Well, let’s hope that it eradicates racism, Martha, I mean that’s essentially what the left is after. You know, they never give up anything. This is such a red herring that takes away from the real issue that liberals created this kid that shot up this church. And South Carolina did what America does, which is they responded by saying we’re a family. We’re not going to buy into this nonsense … it may have been racially motivated but we’re not racially motivated here. So blaming the flag is ridiculous. It’s not going to do anything … what essentially the left is trying to say is let’s eradicate history.”

To gain more clarity on Jackson's opinion, Wemple emailed The Blacksphere creator, who also called the Democrats the biggest racists on the planet. Jackson doubled down on his idiotic claims liberals ruined Dylann Roof in ultra-conservative South Carolina, with perhaps the worst institutionalized racism in the country.

'He’s a Millennial, i.e. very non-racial according to all data. He didn’t grow up in a white-supremacist family. So he’s a product of culture, a culture Liberals own. From the moment he hit school, in his generation, boys are bad. White boys are worse.'

The stunning level of self-loathing by Jackson never ceases to amaze me. The flag is a racist archive of a group of awful, treasonous slave-owners, there is no question about that. Its removal is more than symbolic, it represents the beginning of the healing that needs to happen in this country between the racists and our African-American brothers and sisters.

Take a look at this excerpt from The Cornerstone Speech, an oration delivered by Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens at the Athenaeum in Savannah, Georgia, on March 21, 1861.

With us, all of the white race, however high or low, rich or poor, are equal in the eye of the law. Not so with the negro. Subordination is his place. He, by nature, or by the curse against Canaan, is fitted for that condition which he occupies in our system.

If anyone in their right mind can argue that this battle flag of the Confederacy is not a symbol of racism after hearing the Confederate V.P. denouncing 'the Negro race' as inferior, they are beyond help.

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