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Trump Whines That Fox News Hasn't Treated Him Fairly

Are you fricking kidding me?

What a whiner. If Donald Trump were really treated 'unfairly' by Fox News, he wouldn't even be running this farce of a candidacy, but hey -- Ailes created the monster and now he can't keep him chained.

Media Matters reports on his latest whine to Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. Um, what?

TRUMP: I think they cover me terribly. Fox News? I think they cover me terribly and I'm winning by double digits on every poll. So I don't know. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't. I don't think I get good treatment from Fox. They certainly cover me a lot.


I think they give me very bad treatment. I think Fox treats me terribly. And a lot of the people that like me think they treat me terribly. But I don't think -- I mean, what - you think I was asked nice easy questions? The other guys are saying, "What are you going to do about jobs?" Another one saying, "Do you love God?" Another one says something else. I get these questions like, what's going on here? And, yet, I won in every single poll of the debate, I won. I won from Drudge. I won in Time magazine. I won all the -- everybody thought I won the debate. But I certainly had the worst questions, the most unfair questions. And, you know, I like Fox. I like it, but, no, I think they treat me very poorly.

Now watch Rachel Maddow dissect the whole "I'm winning in every poll so don't ask me hard questions".


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