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Donald Trump Proves Once Again That Empathy Is For Losers

And he shows us every day!
Donald Trump Proves Once Again That Empathy Is For Losers
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Sometimes I can really appreciate the way Donald Trump just blurts things out. He's broken that wall where politicians talk in coded language and everyone, including the media, just plays along.

But when I listen to him, I also hear the voice of one of those wealthy sociopaths psychologists write about. Greed is good, right?

I've been around some really rich people, and they really do lack empathy. One of the reasons, I suspect, is that they (or their parents) can buy their way out of almost any consequence, and facing consequences is part of how people grow up. How do we know Donald Trump didn't grow up? His parents sent him to military school "because I was trouble." (That's rich-people talk for "we never disciplined him, and now he gets in trouble all the time." So they simply bought him some discipline, in much the same way they might buy a car.)

God only knows what his parents bought his way out of, or who he's paid off himself. I suspect if he was working class, he'd have been sent to prison long ago.

Trump may have learned to suppress his impulses with certain people, under certain circumstances. But to send out a tweet like this today?

That takes a certain kind of casual recklessness and adolescent hubris I don't want to see anywhere near the White House.

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