If there's one thing we can thank Donald Trump for during this GOP primary process, it's the fact that he'll bring up the flaws with his fellow GOP candidates that our corporate media would prefer to just gloss over.
November 5, 2015

If there's one thing we can thank Donald Trump for during this GOP primary process, it's the fact that he'll bring up the flaws with his fellow GOP candidates that our corporate media would prefer to just gloss over.

Case in point, Sen. Marco Rubio and his problems with the way he handled his credit cards when he was Speaker of the House in Florida. As Sarah Jones at PoliticusUSA pointed out this week, apparently Rubio had a little trouble telling the difference between his GOP American Express Card and his personal Master Card.:

Marco Rubio, that great hope of establishment Republicans watching Jeb Bush circle the W drain, has some major issues.

Aside from hating his job as a Senator, Rubio also claims that for two years as Speaker of the Florida House, he couldn’t tell the difference between the GOP party American Express card and his personal MasterCard, according to an article in the Tampa Bay Times.

Nor did Rubio notice the issues when the bills came. For two years. But vote for him for President.

This is Rubio’s excuse for charging the Florida Republican Party – and sometimes double billing the taxpayers for good measure – for personal things. Rubio is no fool, though; he refuses to turn over the credit card statements so no one really knows just how bad it was. But it seems to be somewhere in the $110,000.00 range of charges, according to a Tampa Bay Times article written by Alex Leary, though he points out that in Rubio’s memoir he wrote that he charged $160,000.00 to the party card.

Rubio charged the Florida GOP $10,000.00 for a family reunion, for example, ostensibly because his travel agent used the wrong card. (Always blame the help if you’re a Republican.) Apparently, Rubio didn’t notice the lack of a $10,000.00 charge when his credit card bill came. Same issue with confusion over the credit cards came when he paid for flooring for his house. He “pulled the wrong card” from his wallet.

Elaborating on Rubio’s issue with secret credit card charges on the party credit card, in which he “routinely charged personal expenses”, Leary wrote, “A Florida man filed an ethics complaint against Rubio in 2010, and in 2012 the state ethics commission cleared him, though an investigator said the level of ‘negligence’ exhibited by Rubio’s confusion between the GOP American Express and his own MasterCard, and failing to recognize the error on monthly statements, was ‘disturbing.'”

Yes. You could say that a two year ongoing failure of eyesight and memory is disturbing. Read on...

After seeing Rubio's recent rise in the polls, Trump did what he's always done every time he sees one of the other candidates making some gains on him, which is to go on the attack: Trump taunts Rubio as 'a disaster with his credit cards':

Donald Trump slammed Marco Rubio on his finances and voting record in the Senate, panning the Florida senator as someone who “lives above his means.”

“He is a disaster with his credit cards,” Trump said Tuesday during a press conference about his new book.

“He has a very bad record of finances, with his houses, he certainly lives above his means, there is no question about that.”

Trump has made Rubio the target of much of his criticism over the last few weeks, as the Florida senator continues to rise at the polls after a praised debate performance.

Rubio has surpassed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a frequent Trump foil, in a series of polls, and the insults suggest Trump may see Rubio as a growing threat.

Trump laid into Rubio on his immigration record, as well as his current feud with Bush, noting that he doesn’t see how Rubio can win with a “very, very weak” stance on immigration.

“Marco is overrated. Frankly, had Bush been a better messenger, he has a better message. If it was me delivering that message it would have been a much different story,” he said.

“Marco doesn’t show up to the United States Senate, he is representing the people of Florida ... the facts are on Bush’s side, and ultimately I think Marco is going to be hurt very badly. “

Rubio, who I'm sure the GOP establishment would rather see get the nomination than Trump, ran to the loving arms of Faux "news" this Wednesday and attempted to deflect the criticism from Trump.

From Fox's blog: 'I Didn't Inherit Money': Rubio Scoffs at Trump Calling Him a 'Disaster With Credit Cards' :

Donald Trump went hard after Sen. Marco Rubio on his financial history, accusing the senator of being a "disaster with his credit cards."

"For years I've been hearing that his credit cards are a disaster. ... He certainly lives above his means, there's no question about that," said Trump in remarks at Trump Tower on Tuesday.

Rubio responded today on "America's Newsroom," scoffing at Trump's criticism in a sit-down with Martha MacCallum.

Rubio said the the notion that he's in financial trouble comes from the fact that his primary residence in Miami suffered a significant loss of value in the housing market crash.

But he said that this is no different from what millions of Americans have gone through.

"I think it's good for our country to have a president that knows what it's like - despite the fact that you did nothing wrong - to see your home lose its value. Millions of Americans have gone through that," said Rubio.

He said he hopes more questions are asked about the bankruptcies of Trump's companies, arguing that it's a "legitimate" issue.

"I didn't inherit any money. My parents weren't able to pay for me to go to school so I had student loans that I had to pay off," said Rubio, explaining that his only debt is the mortgage on his primary residence.

Rubio said previous reports about his credit card spending while he was a Florida state lawmaker have been "largely discredited."

We'll see how "discredited" they are if he ever finally releases all of the credit card statements. What they failed to mention in their post is that Rubio tried to blame his problems with the value of his house going down in Miami on "Franny and Freddie" and on the Federal Reserve and their supposed "irresponsible behavior."

I'm pretty sure if pushed he'll pretend to have selective amnesia on George W. Bush's part in that disaster, since we all know that recent Republican history only began the day the Kenyan usurper got elected president and everything their hero Bush did to wreck our economy and almost put us into another Great Depression has been completely erased from their memory banks.

I think he's got bigger problems if he actually would win the nomination. Rubio strikes me as someone who does well reading from a script, but if he ends up being their candidate, I think anyone the Democrats nominate would wipe the floor with him during the debates.

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