November 21, 2015

While having a collective hissy fit over President Obama's decision to release more prisoners from our prison at Guantanamo Bay, the yappers on Fox's Cashin' In did their best to pretend that there's no such thing as blowback from the prison's existence. They were also screaming to the hills about the timing of the closing, because God knows we can't be releasing or moving any of these prisoners we refuse to charge with anything right after there was a terrorist attack in Paris.

BOLLING: Now Jon, under the title “You can't make this stuff up,” literally the same day Paris was being attacked by terrorists, we're letting terrorists go.

HOENIG: I'm bewildered Eric. I mean, is this how one acts, is this how a country acts during a war? As you said, I mean, a week of tremendously murderous attacks, they're releasing these Islamists. It's justice for Islamists the same week. I mean, I honestly think from the president, and honestly from John Kerry's perspective, there's this belief that somehow keeping Gitmo open, or being aggressive about American self defense encourages the enemy. Almost like we're asking for it by looking out for ourselves. So as long as they have that type of attitude, and in fact, one of the four people released from Gitmo, Eric, ends up back in the battlefield once again.

BOLLING: And Jonathan makes a very good point. When President Obama took over one of his campaign promises Jess was that he was going to liquidate Guantanamo Bay. He was going to shut it down, so he's doing it piecemeal. One of the people he sent back in September, was Osama bin Laden's bodyguard.

After their regular left-leaning punching bag, Doug Schoen underling Jessica Tarlov, pointed out that the five recently released prisoners were “low level terrorists” the rest of them took turns one by one having their heads explode on set, with Michelle Fields insisting that there's no such thing as a "low level terrorist," and Jonathan Hoenig suddenly worried about “how it looks” to the rest of the world, as though any of these war cheerleaders are actually concerned about that.

After Tarlov pointed out that none of these prisoners had ever been charged with a crime, Bolling dismissed her concerns due to them being “enemy combatants.” He then tried using the circular logic that somehow the terrorists still recruiting members into their ranks proves that President Obama's attempt to close Gitmo has been futile -- as though releasing prisoners is the same as closing it, or the ridiculous notion that it's the only reason the terrorists are recruiting members in to their ranks, which was quickly refuted by every one of his guests. Hoenig of course used it as an excuse to promote more aggression in the Middle East, not less and to pretend that there's no such thing as blowback for our military intervention there.

Last but not least, these self-proclaimed “fiscal conservatives” completely dismissed the amount of money it costs to house each prisoner in Gitmo, because we all know there's no limit to how much money we should spend when it comes to waging war.

There's also never, ever a good time to close that prison in right wing world. If it wasn't a terrorists attack, it would be something else, but no matter what, they'd be screaming to the hills about it. This is just their latest excuse to call the President of the United States a terrorists sympathizer and appeaser and to continue to try to scare the hell out of the lemmings who watch Faux “news” and actually take a word that's said on there seriously.

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