November 10, 2015

Before we address any of the insanity from Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin, take a look at this video from the Daily Show from Monday, November 9, 2015. Trevor Noah does a fine job taking down the insane fantasy that President Obama wasn't vetted nearly as much, in the run up to the 2008 election, as Dr. Ben Carson thinks he is. At around the 5:40 mark, Noah plays a clip of Carson whining that Barack Obama wasn't vetted at all before the 2008 election. In less than a minute, we can confirm that the unmistakable assault, on then Candidate Obama, was brutal.

Michelle Malkin has had years of practice, loathing and publicly denigrating President Obama, so who could be better to have as a guest on The Kelly File to bash this president some more? Here's a few of her zingers from his presidency (zingers, in this case, are perfidious claims):

  • Malkin called President Obama "thug-in-chief" and accused his administration of having "boots on the necks of American small business owners."
  • Malkin said Obama "has been the Chicago bully in victim's clothing from day one."
  • Malkin asserted that with the contraception rule, Obama sided with "femagogues" and "tramplers of religious rights."
  • Malkin said that Obama "has embraced an impulse among the cultural left to display hostility to law enforcement."
  • Malkin said Obama seems "far more willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the most virulently anti-American regimes."
  • Malkin called Michelle Obama the president's "bitter half" and the "bitter half of the Obama administration."

Naturally, both the host and her hate-filled guest have forgotten the endless months of very intense scrutiny, specifically when President Obama's citizenship, education, religion and terrorist sympathies were all put under a microscope. They'd make accusations, broadcast them loudly, only to be dis-proven later. This blatant disrespect for the Commander in Chief has never stopped. Birther Trump won't admit that his futile quest to prove that he's not a 'real' American was a total failure.

When Malkin calls him the "Thug in Chief," this is obviously a disparaging comment. When the veracity of Ben Carson's stabbing story is called into question, a story that actually would merit the label "thug," the media is being unfair to Ben Carson and his yet-to-be-proven claim that he had a 'violent past.' Why would people try to ascertain his story? Who hasn't hit someone with a brick or stabbed someone, right?

Was the media this hard on Barack Obama in 2008?

asked Megyn Kelly. Malkin, while bragging about her insanity long memory, was practically gagging while reminding us about all the journalists who were swooning over the Junior Senator from Illinois in 2007 and 2008. Then Kelly asked Malkin,

What if someone went back and took a hard look at "Dreams From My Father?"

She really claimed that the book wasn't scrutinized until 2012.

She put as much effort in trying to substantiate that accusation as the Koch Brothers put into efforts to strengthen environmental protection and eradicate man-made climate change. The book was scrutinized immediately, and this was evidenced in The Daily Show clip posted above. I'm sure they have researchers and fact checkers at Fox 'News,' but it seems they are bored out of their minds waiting to actually verify facts regarding the Left.

Malkin was really there to sell her latest book, which claims that all these foreigners are trying to take American jobs, and who else but President Obama, is doing his damnedest to commit 'treachery' against the American worker and forcing Americans to train their foreign replacements? Project much, Michelle?

I recall a company called Sensata, a Bain Capital holding which fired its American workers while forcing them to train their Chinese replacements. This is another instance of Republicans projecting their own failures and sins upon Democrats. Of course, no one in the amnesiac world of Fox cares to recall the person who actually caused these job losses, so why not blame a Democrat, especially the Kenyan Usurper-in-Chief.

While Mitt Romney isn't directly ordering the closure, as a Bain investor he is certainly benefitting from it. As one Sensata employee said, hearing Romney speak makes her physically ill. Who wouldn't feel that way after losing their job and financial security while having to cheerfully train their overseas replacement? The stories are heartbreaking.

Selective memory really helps to promulgate myths about the past. You would think that in this era of vast internet availability, with its instant search results, it would make a pundit less likely to lie so blatantly. Yet, the dichotomy eludes the Fox 'bubble' people. Malkin's fans really fall for her effortless delivery of deception. I thought that someone who seems as intelligent as Megyn Kelly appears, at least sometimes, would try a little harder to make sure that her facts hold a drop of water.

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