Former Trump Operative: Never Mind His Lies, Voters Love Him Because He 'Speaks From The Heart'


Former Trump adviser and well known Republican ratfcker from years back, Roger Stone explains the sad fact that it does not matter one iota to the Republican base how much Donald Trump lies.

Sadly you could say the same thing about all of his cohorts as well. Here's Stone on this Sunday's Reliable Sources during a discussion with host Brian Stelter, explaining Trump's appeal to Republican voters and why they could care less about the pig's blood tale he just repeated this week.

STELTER: I have to ask you Roger, shouldn't Donald Trump have someone working with him, the way you used to work with him, someone by his side who cautions him against repeating myths, myths, misstatements, urban legends, on the campaign trail?

STONE: Whether it's accurate or whether it's apocryphal is really beyond the point. The point of course he's making is that Trump is more realistic about the dangers of radical Islam than say, our current president. Within the context of the Republican party, that was a major plus. Everything that happened to Trump over the last week (crosstalk) he has benefited from.

STELTER: You can say that it's beyond the (crosstalk)

STONE: By the way, is this any less egregious... is this any less egregious than the president saying if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan? It's part and parcel to the body politic. (crosstalk)

STELTER: Well, there's nuance regarding healthcare. There's not a lot of nuance involving something that's a myth, that was made up and never happened that was then repeated by the GOP frontrunner. I guess I just wonder if it's going to hurt Mr. Trump down the line to be spinning these stories that are pretty easily debunked.

STONE: There's certainly no evidence of it to date. I frankly think, here is the point. Trump is unscripted. He is not talking from a speech written by someone else. He is not making his comments based on poling or focus groups or words put in his mouth.

He speaks from the heart and that's what voters are identifying with. That's exactly why he is doing so well. There's nothing phony about Donald Trump. He's the real deal.

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