March 24, 2016

Senator John McCain is now bowing to the inevitable, and saying he will "help" Senator Ted Cruz with foreign policy, should he be elected President.

When asked whether he thought Cruz was up to the task on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, McCain declared, "I believe he can, I believe he must, if he is the President of the United States."

That's as close to an endorsement of Ted Cruz as I think you will see John McCain get, and make no mistake, he's holding his nose to even say that much.

"I intend to work with any of these nominees if they are President because there's too much danger in the world. I have to put aside my anger in some cases and work with them in every possible way that I can, whoever it is," he said.

McCain then turned to Reagan for solace, saying "The genius of Ronald Reagan was his instincts and his principles and his ability to bring around him the smartest people in America to work for him and his administration."

Hugh Hewitt then recounted the members of Reagan's team, including a mention the odious Pete Wilson, and the Senate who worked with him. Too bad he didn't bother to mention that the Senate had a Republican majority, so of course they did.

I feel a little bit sorry for McCain. It's just been 8 short years since he unleashed the terror tea party on the country, and I think he knows he had a YUGE part in what is happening today.


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