March 30, 2016

It's not like this will matter, but you gotta give NBC credit for trying, even at this too-late date.

Trump’s shifting stances aren’t just challenging for reporters tasked with covering him— they’re also a source of consternation for his party as more than a few of his stated policies directly contradict the GOP platform.

You can say that again! Last night's town hall proved beyond a doubt that Donald Trump doesn't give a rat's butt about the Republican platform.

The government is responsible for HOUSING?!? HEALTHCARE?!? EDUCATION?!?

I won't link to the right wing blogs but trust me, the commenters over at Breitbart and Twitchy can't type "but the consitutuinn!!!!" fast enough. Okay, one Frank Luntz tweet, just for show:

So this morning, NBC has published a "full list" of Donald Trump's flip flops.

What cable news will never acknowledge, however, is that the definition of Republican has morphed in the past thirty years into "someone who denies facts in favor of whatever Fox and Rush Limbaugh tell them to believe."

You really think a group that is convinced Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Usurper who wants to Destroy America" (tm) is going to care that their Great White Hope Trump has, as he calls it "flexibility" when it comes to issues?

You really think people who are fed a media diet of sixteen lies an hour care if Trump is telling the truth? You know what you could do? Ask them:

So nice try, NBC. The beltway country club establishment press is grateful for your input. But until you acknowledge the poison that has infected the brains of the GOP base, hang up your both siderism and tell the truth, you and your list of flip flops are worth nothing but ridicule.

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