March 25, 2016

MSNBC brought Tehran Tom Cotton on Morning Joe to talk national security this morning. Surprise, surprise, Cotton agrees with Donald Trump, who thinks austerity Europe should up their ante to NATO while we decrease ours. Cotton came to the show armed with his talking points and efforts to suck up to the frontrunner in this year's ridiculous GOP primary.

Cotton begain by slamming President Obama on the very day he nailed ISIL's Number Two honcho.

Let's see what Traitor Tom had to say. Transcript excerpts via Morning Joe:

The president -- President Obama, in the middle of a terrorist attack, when Americans were murdered, maimed, and still missing, went to a baseball game and did the wave with Castro and he compared himself to Big Papi. Now Big Papi is a great designated hitter. His job is to hit home runs. President Obama's job is to keep us safe. It's not to minimize the fear that Americans justly fear about terrorism. This is not a mistake on President Obama's part. This is the deliberate policy. They think that we have a disproportionate fear of terrorism in this country even after Brussels and Paris and San Bernardino, and they want to downplay that fear. President Obama goes around telling people that more Americans die in bathtub falls than are killed by terrorists. It's that mentality that we have to change and get on offense against the Islamic State if we don't want to see a Brussels style attack here.

You know what a Brussels-style attack feels like on steroids? Newtown, Connecticut, where children were senselessly murdered by an American terrorist with a gun he never should have been able to buy.

Of course, he couldn't resist mentioning BENGHAZI!

I know whoever that nominee is, though, will be more qualified to keep Americans safe than Hillary Clinton. She likes to portray herself as a safe, steady, experienced hand who's ready to answer the 3:00 a.m. phone call. She got one of those once. It was called Benghazi. She slept through it. Four Americans died.

Seven or eight investigations later, there's no evidence that any such thing happened, but heaven forbid Joe Scarborough and his team of sycophants might challenge that.

And then we get to NATO, where the silliness gets even sillier. Tehran Tom hasn't got much of a clue about what we spend on NATO, but whatever it is, he thinks Europe should be picking up the tab. He could possibly be an early specimen of what it's like when people aren't educated with facts. (Texas, take note!)

[Trump] had spoken earlier that day to the "Washington Post" editorial board and raised serious questions about NATO. I share some of those questions. We used to split our costs 50-50 between the U.S. and Europe. Today, it's 70-30 between the U.S. and Europe. Now, I would have a different approach. Rather than reducing our spending on what's a critical national security alliance, I would urge European leaders to increase their spending, specifically so we can stop the kind of terrorist attacks we've seen in Paris and Brussels so we don't see, in our Eastern NATO partners, Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania, the kinds of hybrid warfare that we have seen in Ukraine and Georgia. So he identified a serious problem that I've tried to address along with some of my colleagues.

Wait! A "conservative Republican" wants more spending? Oh, I see. It's not us he wants spending more, it's austerity Europe. Because terrorism.

As final proof that Tehran Tom should just go sit in a corner somewhere and learn some lessons, he offered his opinion of Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief.

Well, I think he could be the commander in chief. He's one of our leading candidates and as I said, any of our candidates right now would be a better commander-in-chief, they'd be a more serious leader for our country than Hillary Clinton is, who has not only been the architect for Barack Obama's foreign policy which has left the world aflame, but also shown such a casual disregard for the handling of sensitive national security secrets that I believe she's disqualified from being the commander in chief.

I guess now would not be the time to mention that "serious leaders," or those who claim to know what a "serious leader" is, don't generally write letters to heads of state in other countries in an effort to undermine our diplomatic efforts.

Birds of a feather, and all that. Maybe Tehran Tom is looking for the VP slot on The Donald's ticket.

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