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UPDATED: Oklahoma Abortion Bill Vetoed By Governor

Proudly welcoming in the 4th Century, way to go Oklahoma!
UPDATED: Oklahoma Abortion Bill Vetoed By Governor
Governor Fallin could sign the bill criminalizing abortion in Oklahoma on Wednesday. Image from:

UPDATE: Governor Fallin vetoes the bill, claiming it is too "vague." Betcha she didn't want this ridiculous bill to hamper her ability to be Trump's Vice-President.

With all the problems Oklahoma is facing, like more frequent and massive storms, brush fires, a major Interstate overpass that collapsed as a result of just one trucker's mistake and the higher than average poverty rate of Oklahomans, why is the Sooner State obsessed with relitigating settled law? Because, that's exactly what gets their base out to the polls. Fetuses must be protected at all costs, but just until that moment where the infant makes his debut, and then, he's on his own.

The Republicans in charge of the state of Oklahoma have no qualms when it comes to slashing aid for the poor, especially babies and children to provide tax relief for the ultra-wealthy. In fact, Oklahoma is the WORST state in providing funding for educating its citizens. But if a poor woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy, it won't be happening in Governor Fallin's Christian Theocracy.

That's right, the GOP legislature of Oklahoma passed a bill that is on Fallin's desk, awaiting her signature on Wednesday, that will make it a FELONY to perform an abortion. If you're unaware of the GOP's Oklahoma Governor, think about a slightly more lucid Sarah Palin with the legislative tendencies of Sam Brownback. This whole pro-forced birth ruse is antediluvian nonsense. Mother Jones explains:

The measure, SB 1522, would make it a felony to perform an abortion, with no exceptions for a woman's health. The minimum punishment for those who do so would be one year in prison. If it is discovered that they have provided an abortion, doctors would be stripped of their state medical licenses. The only exception to these rules would be abortions to save the life of the mother, and the bill makes clear that the threat of suicide by a woman seeking an abortion doesn't fulfill the "life" requirement. This version of the bill must now get final Senate approval before heading to Gov. Mary Fallin. It's unclear if she will sign it, though historically she has supported anti-abortion legislation.*

This bill is not about protecting women, it's about extending the hand of the Christian Theocracy into the small government branch of women's uteri. The forced-birther crowd is desperately seeking that blessed court case that will bring them, ultimately to the U.S. Supreme Court. There, they will appear vigilant and valiant in their efforts to control a woman's right to choose.

Red states like Oklahoma have a constant itch about Roe V Wade, which they consider the worst decision ever in the history of the High Court. The United Christian Theocratic Red States Of America consider women second class citizens. Weird how they claim to love Jesus, and yet, rule straight from the Old Testament, punishing Eve and her daughters for all eternity with the burden of forced reproduction.

Think the Supreme Court isn't important enough to warrant voting a certain way? Do you think Republican forced birthers in Oklahoma are as complacent?

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