Sarah Palin Is Drunk-Facebooking Again
June 17, 2016

Half-Governor Sarah should put down the beer before she takes to Facebook, because her latest rant just makes her look...stupid.

“OBAMA IS A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID,” she screamed at her Facebook readers. “Enough is enough, Mr. President. There’s no ‘due respect’ due you after pulling this stunt.”

The stunt was President Obama's call earlier this week to ban the assault-style weapons of mass death which have caused so much pain to so many families over the years. You know, the same kind of ban we had in this country until Dubya allowed it to expire. The one passed when Bill Clinton was President.

Snow Snookie cracked herself another beer and hit the keyboard for more, descending into guns-are-grand-but-Muslims-are-Satan territory.

“Exploiting a sick, evil, ideological-driven attack on Americans to further your twisted anti-Second Amendment mission is disgusting,” she furiously typed.

“Today you’re demanding an ‘explanation’ from law abiding gun owners, but not demanding the same from followers of Islam, the religion behind this terror? If the demented Orlando terrorist doesn’t represent all Islamic followers, then why do you insinuate he represents all gun owners?”

Or maybe he doesn't represent all gays shamed into silence by their authoritarian fathers? Or all fifth-grade bullies who had all kinds of trouble with classmates over the years? Or maybe he doesn't represent all wife beaters?

I mean, there are sixteen different explanations you can hang his actions on, but in the end, this was a hateful guy with an assault-style weapon who walked into a nightclub with death on his mind. The fact that he deluded himself into thinking he could martyr himself for Daesh isn't really a motive. It's just another delusion.

The only stupid in this Facebook post, Snow Snookie, is yours. And yes, it's special.


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