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Tom Tancredo Wants 'Civic Literacy' Tests To Vote

If only we'd had them when he ran for election. He wouldn't have been elected dogcatcher.
Tom Tancredo Wants 'Civic Literacy' Tests To Vote

There are moments in our political discourse where I find myself sitting back on my haunches and thinking about how incredibly stupid some right-wingers are. And also, how incredibly gullible their voters are. It makes me sad.

And then one of them says something so stupid I burst into laughter. Like Tom Tancredo, whining that everyone should have to take 'civic literacy' tests before they vote.

“I would like a civics literacy test for everyone in America to vote," Tancredo sneered. "Before you can vote, take a civics literacy test, and you know which one it would be? It’s the civics test we give to every single immigrant.”

“If we expect somebody to come here from another country, another culture, another language, to pass a simple, stupid test, Americans should be required to pass the same test ... though most Americans probably would not be able to do so," he concluded.

You know and I know that if Republicans had to take those tests, they'd fail miserably and that man would never have served one single term in the United States Congress. Which is why it's hysterical to hear him complain about illiterate civic voters.

Listen below:

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