July 25, 2016

There's a congressional runoff election between two conservatives in the third district of Georgia between Drew Ferguson and state Sen. Mike Crane, R-Newan to replace U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland.

Why am I writing about this story?

A day after the horrific shooting of Dallas police officers, while debating the legitimacy of no-knock warrants, Crane, said “You come to my house, kick down my door — if I have an opportunity, I will shoot you dead.”

Mike Jolley, sheriff of Harris County was not thrilled with this comment as the country was trying to wrap their heads around the Dallas murders.

“Even if I were not endorsing Drew, I have trouble with the comment that was made by Mr. Crane. No-knock warrants are a way of getting into a home when it’s dangerous for law enforcement — and potentially for the people inside the home,” the sheriff said. “It’s a legal warrant signed by a judge.”

And guess which candidate Senator Ted Cruz endorsed?

Cruz appeared unfazed by the recent controversy telling a crowd of supporters that Georgia needs someone with a backbone in Washington. “If you want to see a federal government that finally does its job, secures the borders, stops illegal immigration, elect Mike Crane to Congress,” Cruz said.

Both candidates wouldn't even be considered moderates, but Cruz decided to stick with the guy that would shoot cops dead, even if they have a legal warrant.

Howie told me that Crane was ahead until he made those insane comments and now may lose today's runoff.

I know the media is focused around covering the conventions, but this should be big news since Sen. Ted Cruz is actively stumping for a man who would have no compunction of shooting a policeman on sight with a legal warrant.

There is no cause EVER to say those words. Disagree all you want over any kind of police procedure there is, but advocating the murder of them is reprehensible.

Sounds very sovereign citizen to me.

Of course, if a Democratic politician said something even remotely close to this, it would be all over the news, pillar to post, with special guest star Rudy Giuliani flying in to lead the celebrity flogging.

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