In the train wreck of a 60 Minutes interview, this exchange on torture just reinforced the ideas that our media is ridiculous, and the candidate is a fascist.
July 18, 2016

Donald Trump has said many, many times that he would totally waterboard terrorists and anyone who made him angry enough to consider it. Which means certain members of the media (looking at you, Washington Post) and protesters who appear at his rallies, I'm sure.

But last night's appearance on CBS' 60 Minutes was special, because Mike Pence was with Trump in order to add a certain gravitas to the proceedings. Because Mike has been in Congress and all, and thinks waterboarding is totally just fine, too.

You will notice in the transcript below that neither one of them consider the long-term implications of breaking the Geneva conventions, because Trump doesn't believe in conventional anything, much less warfare.

If anything is evidence of just how destructive an immoral, unjust war is, just look at the two veterans who murdered police this month. It does something to some people. Breaks them. Destroys their sense of right and wrong. Trump would be an absolute disaster for this country, because he would give them permission to engage in all sorts of unconventional violence upon the citizens of this country.

Predictably, Lesley Stahl didn't even blink when they said this. Honestly, she laughed her way through this interview as if a fascist weren't sitting right in front of her. It was disgraceful.

Transcript, via CBS News:

Lesley Stahl: OK. More issues. Waterboarding. Mr. Trump wants to bring back waterboarding, and quote, "A hell of a lot more." Are you comfortable with bringing back waterboarding?

Mike Pence: I don't think we should ever tell our enemy what our tactics are.

Lesley Stahl: But what about that? What--

Mike Pence: I don't--

Lesley Stahl: --about-- he's publicly--

Donald Trump: I like that answer.

Lesley Stahl: --said that--

Mike Pence: I don't think we should-- I-- I think--

Lesley Stahl: But are you OK with the idea of--

Mike Pence: --I think--

Lesley Stahl: --waterboarding?

Mike Pence: --I think enhanced interrogation saved lives.

Lesley Stahl: And you're OK with--

Mike Pence: I--

Lesley Stahl: --that?

Mike Pence: --what I'm OK with-- what I'm OK with is protecting the American people. What I'm OK with is when people have the intent to come to this country and take American lives, that-- that we are-- that we are prepared to do what's necessary to gain the information to protect the people of this country--

Donald Trump: But Lesley, let's step further. We have an enemy, ISIS and others, who chop off heads, who drown people in steel cages and we can't do waterboarding--

Lesley Stahl: OK, but, but why--

Donald Trump: OK, they're not playing--

Lesley Stahl: --would you use their--

Donald Trump: --under -- because you know--

Lesley Stahl: --techniques?

Donald Trump: --what, those techniques get information. I don't care what anyone says.

Lesley Stahl: Are you agreeing with him?

Mike Pence: I am--

Donald Trump: And get information--

Mike Pence: --what I--

Donald Trump: --using those things.

Mike Pence: --what I can tell you is enhanced information gleaned information that saved American lives and, I was informed, prevented incoming terrorist attacks on this country from being successful. The American people expect the president of the United States to be prepared to support action to protect the people of this nation, and I know Donald Trump will.

Lesley Stahl: Have you answered me?

Mike Pence: I have.

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